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How to Determine the Best Rub Rail Insert Replacement for Your Boat

As the name implies, rub-rails experience significant wear in the effort to prevent hull damage in harsh marine environments. Additionally,rub-rail inserts, the part of the rub-rail that adds an extra layer of protection and accent to your boat, are often the first point of contact when you bump against pilings and docks. Because of this, rub-rail inserts are designed to be replaced with normal boat maintenance.

Mostrub rail insertson the market are made of vinyl or metal. The rub rail inserts manufactured here at Steele are made from durable, EPDM rubber. EPDM rubber has outstanding wear properties including excellent abrasion, impact, ozone, UV and extreme weather resistance- all factors which cause cracks, shrinkage and failure commonly seen with other materials including vinyl.

When doing replacements or repairs, determining the correct shape and amount of rub-rail insert you're going to need for your boat is easy! Your owner’s manual may have that information, however, simpl…
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Quick Tips on Splicing Sponge & Dense Rubber Weatherstripping

When you need an extrusion made into a ring or one piece unit, it is best to have the splice molded. The one piece design ensures that there will be no leaks and that there will be maximum strength holding the splice together. However, when molding isn't an option you can do a little DIY and make your own splice. There are a few general rules to follow.

1. It’s simple, your cut ends need to be straight.

If you put the ends together, all edges should match. What's the best tool to cut both sponge and dense rubber? A utility cutter. The ends need to be clean cut and free of all debris to ensure your seal will be leak proof. If needed, you can clean the area with an alcohol pad. We've found that for the best results, you can use Loctite Super Bonder 495. It is the weatherstripping genius' answer to super glue. It's specially formulated for rubber-to-rubber bonding. You should be able to find this at any hardware store that carries Loctite products or you can…

A Spooktacular Guide for Your Campsite Halloween

Check your windows And seal that door, Monster season's Here once more!
A chill in the dark From crisp Autumn air, A poorly sealed camper Is sure to scare!
Keep the ghouls and goblins And chill in the air at bay, Call Steele Rubber Products For a solution today!
All funny poems aside, we want to wish everyone a happy Halloween! Halloween is definitely a company wide favorite. With Halloween just around the corner, you may be wondering what RVers do for Halloween and what to expect at campgrounds and resorts.

Without a doubt, many resorts, parks and campgrounds go out of their way to make Halloween an event to remember. After all, RVing is a family-oriented lifestyle and Halloween is a great time to celebrate family and have fun with quirky costumes and decorations. Halloween is the perfect way to close out the season in preparation for winter.

If you're looking to decorate your RV or camper for Halloween, but don't know where to start, we have a few solutions for you! RV living call…

New Product Alert: Ramp Gate Kit

We are excited to announce our brand new Ramp Gate Kit which is available in 3 convenient sizes - small, medium, and large.

The kit includes the edge seal #70-3677-99, corner seal #70-3907-97, prep tool # 94-0110-00, Loctite Super Bonder 495 adhesive # 96-0495-96 and an instruction sheet.

The corner seal comes in a single block length so that it may be trimmed to fit.

The seals are made of high quality EPDM sponge rubber that feature strong UV and ozone resistance. This makes for excellent durability and weather-proofing.

The edge seal is backed with 3M Peel-N-Stick tape and the corner seal comes with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Both are easy to apply.

The Super Bonder is provided to help with mitering of the corners. If you would like to learn more about mitering corners, you can find our easy to follow guide on Pinterest!

Carefully measure the perimeter of your ramp gate to select the correct kit size.
You can find the Small Kit here.

You can find the Medium Kit here.
You can find the

Steele Spotlight - Meet our Family!

We are a small, family owned company, and we are proud of the hard working people that make this company so great! Each week we are going to spotlight one of our employees so you can get to know them. Steele Rubber Products produces high quality rubber seals and weatherstripping for classic cars, RVs and boats, but what makes this company such a wonderful place to work for is the people who work here. In the Steele Spotlight - meet Heather.

Employee Name: Heather Alexander

Title/Position: Administrative Assistant

Length of time at Steele: 3.5 years

Hometown: Maiden, NC

What is your favorite car?: Can’t pick a favorite

Ford, Chevy or Mopar?: Ford & Chevy

If you could be any fictional character, what would you be?: Clark Griswold

Do you have any office/work nicknames?: No

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?: Learn all languages

What is your hidden talent?: I can play the piano

What food do you wish had zero calories?: Anything sweet!

What is the one thing you can’t live without…

Seal Replacement Terms

In the Auto, RV and Marine industries we have some technical terms we like to use regularly on our websites and in conversation - which you may know if you're familiar with their application, but what if you aren't familiar with them? That's why we decided to put together this handy article to give you context about some of the words we use as a rubber manufacturer. We hope this article gives you some quality insight, and if you have any questions about these terms or others, please don't hesitate to reach out!

Gasket – A shaped piece or ring of rubber that fills the space between 2 or more surfaces, generally to prevent leaks. A gasket typically fills the space between the glass and metal channel of the RV.

Edge Trim – Designed to cover rough edges. Used around doors and other applications that require a cover for an edge.

Insert Trim - Insert trim rubber is the perfect replacement to the original vinyl seal. Most vinyl tends to crack and let water in the track which ca…

4 Tips to Keep Your RV Cool During Hot Weather

It's almost time to start winterizing your RV, but before you do, we have one last hoo-rah before the summer is over - Labor Day weekend. September is the first step into the fall, but let me tell you, September can be a scorcher! 
We have 4 tips on how you can beat the heat this weekend, and the other hot weekends to come.
1. Stay in the Shade
If possible, call the campground ahead of time to request a shaded spot. Available shaded areas aren't always a guarantee, but this can help keep the temperature in your RV down. If you have an awning, that will provide additional coverage for when you are outside.
Speaking of being outside, if it's possible, try cooking outside more. Using your propane stove/oven is only going to intensify the heat in your RV. Bonus: you get to look outdoorsy for your guests. 
2. Shield Your Windows
Tinted windows are another great addition for keeping your RV cool. If you don't like or want tinted windows there are a couple of other options to …